Chris Owen

911 Valentine

The letters and notes started showing up near the end of January.


Drew found the first one in the shirt pocket of his uniform when he reached for the roll of breath mints he habitually carried. The card was a red heart cut from construction paper, the fold line in the middle calling to mind the valentines he'd made in elementary school. One side of the card was plain and unmarked, but the other, the inside of the folded heart, had "I love you" written in blocky letters of silver glitter glue.


Grinning, he stuck it on the inside of the door of his locker. Secret admirers were kind of cool, even if he did know it had to be from one of two people.


When he got home he found a second one on the fridge, exactly the same as his. Of course, Scott was still working and Eric was out a ball game so he couldn't ask who'd received it or who was handing them out, but there would be time for that in the morning.


Of course, as was typical for them, the morning wound up being a rush of showers, breakfast for him, supper for Scott who was heading right to bed to make up for the hours of sleep he was missing, and Eric almost late for work and struggling to eat and dress at the same time, so he never got around to asking.


The second token came in the form of a letter tucked into his mail slot at the station. When he asked about it no one had seen who had left it, a fact which made Drew suspect his entire crew of flat out lying to him. Someone had to see, and neither of his men were exactly unnoticeable. He just got mysterious smiles when he demanded the truth, however, so he let it go. Besides, it pretty much had to be Eric, who had a habit of dropping by fairly regularly.


Drew hadn't seem him, though. Hadn't seen Scott, either.


The letter was short and to the point.


Dear Drew,


You complete me and I want you to know how much I love you. I love the way you barbeque for us, I love the way you cheer at hockey games like a mad, psychotic loon, I love the way you care about your job. Mostly I love the way you're you. You're strong and brave and I thank God every day that I have you.


It wasn't signed and it was printed off a computer, so again Drew didn't have a real clue as to which one of them had left it.


The three hockey tickets left in his car gave him an idea, though. But then again, so did the movie poster of The Princess Bride that was lying on the kitchen table one morning, and the new set of poker chips.


On the morning of February fourteenth Drew woke up to find that his men had both come home while he was sleeping. Eric had been expected, Scott hadn't, not until after six a.m.. Opening one eye, his body half trapped under Scott, Drew looked at the clock and waited for it to come into focus. It took a couple of moments, but when he could make out the time he realized Scott had actually come home on time for once and it was him who was over-sleeping and messing up his own perception of time.


With a grunt and a tug Drew extricated himself from underneath his doctor and then rolled over on top of him. Pushing Scott into the mattress and wiggling around, Drew waited until he got a response.


"Mmhphsshole." That was it.


Grinning, Drew wiggled again. "Awake, Scott?"




"Are you awake?" He could be patient. And annoying. "C'mon Doc. Gimme a word. A real one."


"Get. Off."


Drew moved, laughing. He went the other other direction, though, not back to where he usually slept, but wedging himself between Eric and Scott instead. "Wake up. We need to deal with all these presents that've been turning up. It's time. The big day. The huge red heart is descending upon us. We're going out to dinner, I know, but the real things has to happen now, here."


There was a long moment of silence. "Are you... what?"


Drew rolled his eyes. "Three of us. Naked. In bed. What do you think I'm talking about? It's time for the Valentine's sex, and it's going to happen nowish. While we thank the giver of presents and discuss his motives."


Eric snorted softly, clearly amused.


Scott lifted his head out from under the blanket he'd been trying to hide under. "The presents."


"Uh-huh." Drew kissed Scott quickly and then rolled on top of Eric. "You. Wanna know how I figured it out, 'ric?"


Eric just smiled up at him, slightly sleepy looking and probably laughing at him somewhere deep inside.


"They were all about us. All of us, as three. The things we do together and the things we find the time to do, and the things we all like. You weren't just saying you love me and you love Scott -- you were saying you love what we all are. You're still a little amazed by it sometimes. I can see it in your face every once in a while. So, three."


Eric's smiled turned into a grin and a blush stained his cheeks. "Wasn't that... insightful, really. I just got stuff."


Scott had rolled on his side and was looking at Drew with frank admiration. "Jeeze, you don't usually get that deep."


"Thanks a lot." Drew rolled his eyes. "Someone pass the lube."


Scott laughed and got it out from under his pillow. "That's my man."


Drew didn't bother arguing with him, just slicked his fingers. "I like talking this way." With a shove of his knee he got Eric to spread for him and he got to work making everything slippery.


"Oh, man." Eric gasped when Drew got serious about it, more lube, more fingers. "I like the way you talk this way, too." He held onto Drew's shoulder with one hand, the other pulling Scott close enough to kiss.


Drew watched that for a couple of minutes, fingering Eric with one hand and stroking himself with the other. When Scott moaned and moved close enough to rub his erection on Eric's hip, Drew swapped fingers for his cock and pushed on in.


"God!" Eric's head fell back onto the pillow. "Drew."


Scott kept rubbing for a couple of strokes, then glanced up at Drew with a sunny grin. "Morning, Drew."


"Morning, Scott. Gonna play?"


"Yep." Scott winked at him and slid down the bed to suck Eric's cock, licking him all over, down to his balls. Drew slowed his thrusts to watch.


"Oh, fuck. God, yes. Fuck." Eric was babbling, his hands roaming from Drew to Scott to the bed sheets.


"That's it," Drew whispered, watching Eric's cock slide into Scott's mouth again. "He's getting tense, Doc. Can you take it?"


Scott nodded, his head bobbing in Eric's lap. With that as affirmation, Drew started fucking Eric hard, thrusting deep and aiming for the spot that always made Eric scream. Every thrust pushed Eric into Scott's mouth, and as Eric started yelling one big hand landed on Scott's head, keeping him there.


That, watching Eric keep Scott there to take his prick, sent Drew into overdrive. "Yes!" Drew yelled. "Fuck, 'ric! Come on, make me shoot, make Scott take--" His words cut off as Eric suddenly went still and tight around him, coming with a cry. Drew couldn't deal with much more than that, and in a few short seconds he was coming too, jerking helplessly as Eric's orgasm too him over.


Almost in slow motion Scott slid away, curling around Eric's hip as he licked and kissed Eric's cock, panting loudly. "Yeah," he whispered, his eyes closing. "Little more."


Drew, startled, realized Scott's arm was moving, and he shifted to watch Scott jerking off. "Hey," Drew said, feeling lazy and warm. "Lemme help. 'ric. Pull."


Eric tugged and Drew pushed, and then Scott's head was on Eric's shoulder and three hands were working on Scott, two jacking his cock and another teasing wet fingers back behind Scott's balls.


When Eric got a finger in, just the tip, Drew made a dive to suck on the crown of Scott's erection, but he was too late. Eric's attention, the hands, the kisses, the idea of getting blown -- something tripped Scott's wiring and he shot all over himself, nice and messy.


The three of them laughed softly, breathless and bemused sounding, and Scott nodded. "Best kind of conversation to have, really."

Sometimes love is complicated. 

Copyright 2016 Chris Owen