Chris Owen

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When Dave's boss and lover sends him to build bookcases for an old friend, Dave gets a lot more than he expected. Mr. Chase is lean and sharp and clearly thinks Dave is something he's not -- submissive. After the initial confusion is cleared away, though, Dave finds himself intrigued by this intelligent man and Mr. Chase’s live-in partner, Wyatt.


Dave's partner, Archie, is intrigued as well, and wants nothing but happiness for Dave and himself. If happy means having two open relationships expand to mix and mingle into one big poly, mostly kinky partner swap, that's all right by him. Just how entangled can the four of them become, while still keeping the essentials clear and special?

"Are you flirting with me?" Dave grinned at him. "Are you allowed to do that?"

"It's never come up, but as you know how things stand with me and Mr. Chase, I suppose it's innocent enough at this stage." Wyatt shrugged and went to pick up the last of the books. "Are you?"

"Am I what?"

"Allowed to flirt."

Dave blinked for a moment and then waved a hand. "Oh, Archie? We're not like that. I mean, we have an understanding of sorts, but we're not exactly attached, and we sure don't live the same way you and Mr. Chase do. Um. You're with him, right? Romantically. You don't just work for him?"

"Right." Wyatt laughed again, this time in amusement. "Our arrangement is very structured, but yes, we're lovers. We're in love, as well, which makes everything so much easier. However, that doesn't mean that other... uh, circumstances don't occasionally become part of the overall relationship."

Getting up and putting his cell phone back on his belt, Dave tried to figure out what Wyatt was saying. "Oh!" He held up his measuring tape. "Y'all are open. Got it."

"That's what I said, wasn't it?"

"Sure." Dave grinned at him and winked. "Take this end and hold it tight in that corner, please."

Wyatt held the end of the tape. "I got the impression from Mr. Chase that he and Mr. McBain shared a past."

"Do you call him Mr. Chase all the time?"

"No, I usually call him 'Sir.'"

Dave tried to imagine calling Archie "sir" when they were fucking. "Are you serious?" The idea of it made him want to laugh his ass off. Archie would probably choke if he tried it.

"Wow." Wyatt was looking at him with frank curiosity. "You really don't even play the games, do you?"

"Not a one." Dave shrugged and wrote down the width of the wall.

Sometimes love is complicated. 

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