Chris Owen

Seeing Is Believing

Jake stood in the kitchen of what was now his home and looked around. His. Well, his and Tor's. He couldn't quite believe it, didn't quite want to make it his own. If he did that, took the ridiculous step of acknowledging and accepting that he'd actually bought the spread, it meant finally admitting that he'd done the one thing he'd never really wanted to do to himself.


The responsibility was just waiting to crush him, he knew it. All the men who now worked for him, all the cattle he now owned, the land that suddenly meant even more to him than it had for nearly the last two decades… just waiting to flatten him.


He heard the screen door slam shut and thought he'd have to fix that; no way would Tor ever remember to close it properly.


"You look happy," Tor grinned at him as he walked past. Jake watched Tor pull the fridge door open and grab two bottles, one water and the other apple juice. "Pleased with yourself, huh?"


Jake shook his head and reached for the apple juice Tor was holding out to him. "This is not my happy face. This is my worried face."


Tor stared at him. "No, that's your very happy face. That's the face you make when you're about three good thrusts from coming."


Jake blinked. "It is not."


"Is," Tor insisted. "Your jaw is clenched, your eyes are narrowed, and I can even see the way your shoulders are all tight. The only thing missing is your cock in my ass."


"Shut up!" He did not look tense and pissy when he was fucking. He couldn't.


"I'm serious," Tor said and saluted him with water bottle. "You didn't know that?"


"How the hell would I know that? I'm too busy coming to pay attention to what I look like," Jake said. He smirked at Tor and gestured back with his bottle. "What do you look like, then?" he demanded.


Tor shrugged a shoulder. "This," he said, and there it was. Tor's mouth opened a little, his eyes widened and his face softened just a bit, and Jake found himself taking a shaky breath as his body reacted like it always did to Tor in heat.


"Damn," he said, admiring Tor's face. "How do you do that?"


Tor raised an eyebrow and looked at him.


"I mean, how do you know what your sex face is?" Jake felt vaguely foolish and not a little turned on. Tor was still looking at him with wide eyes.


"Practice," Tor said dryly. "I've made that face a lot in the last few years, it seems."


Not often enough.


Tor grinned and Jake realized he'd said that out loud. Blushing a little, Jake finished his juice and set the bottle on the counter. "So," he said, faintly embarrassed and annoyed with himself for blushing.


"So." Tor wandered closer, smiling at him. "Everything locked up for the night?"


"It's not even seven yet," Jake pointed out, leaning on the counter as Tor invaded his personal space.


"So we can do it after." Tor moved even closer and Jake automatically made room for him, his legs parting to widen his stance as Tor pushed into his body.




"After. After we christen the bedroom and I show you your sex face."


Jake would have snorted at that but he was busy being kissed. He wouldn't have meant the snort anyway, not really. He was beginning to see the highlights of buying the ranch and the big house. There were really a lot of rooms to christen. He hummed instead, his arms slipping around Tor with easy familiarity.


He felt Tor smile into the kiss and then Tor's hands were undoing Jake's belt and pushing into his jeans. "Going to be doing it here if you're not careful," Jake said, more than willing to skip the walk all the way up the stairs to the bedroom. Tor's fingers were wrapped around his half-hard dick, taking it to fully hard with a speed that had to be flattering.


"Nope," Tor said with one more hard kiss. "I've got an idea."


"Oh oh." Jake was only half kidding; it took him a while to warm up to Tor's ideas, a fact which Tor frequently ignored in favor of ambushing him. Like he was doing right then, with his hand in Jake's pants and the hungry look in his eyes making Jake's knees feel all weak and watery.


"Come on," Tor said, letting him go and turning away.


"Where?" Jake asked, not at all surprised to find himself following along despite his best intentions to at least get a hint of what Tor's idea was.


Tor just tossed him a grin and a wink and headed up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Jake sighed and kept right on following him, one hand awkwardly trying to stuff his cock back in his jeans. "How you get me to do these things…"


"Oh please, you're just walking into your new bedroom, not climbing to the gallows." Tor was decidedly unsympathetic to Jake's slavery to his own cock, and gestured Jake into the room with a sweep of his arm.


Jake sighed and pretended he wasn't still hard, wasn't ready to play along long enough to find out just how bad this idea of Tor's was. He didn't think he fooled either of them as he stepped into the room without any outward signs of hesitation. At least his dick wasn't hanging out any more.


The room was on the west side of the house and full of light as the sun started to hang low in the sky, the pale yellow walls looking almost lemon colored and the room warm. There weren't a lot of their things out yet, just fresh sheets on their new bed and a box of items on a trunk in the corner. Their dressers hadn't even been delivered yet, and Jake was still trying to decide if they were going to paint the room a different color.


Painting was the last thing on his mind as Tor started stripping.


"Um, Jake?"




"You… uh. You want maybe to join in here? Not as much fun if I'm the only one—oh, that's better."


Jake threw his shirt at Tor and whipped his jeans off so fast he was naked first. He took three steps forward and grabbed Tor's arms, ready to propel them both onto the bed.


"No way," Tor laughed, pushing back. "Told you, I—"


"Have an idea. I have one too, though. You'll like it, promise," Jake tempted.


Tor kissed him with a lot of tongue and wandering hands and the next thing Jake knew he was up against the wall over by the door.


"You're so easy," Tor said affectionately.


"Just the way you like me," Jake said with a grin, reaching for Tor again. Before he could get a grip, however, Tor had reached for the door and closed it, revealing the full length mirror on the back. "No. No way," Jake said vehemently.






Tor dropped to his knees and Jake's will power melted along with most of his spine. "Bastard." Tor wasn't fighting fair, not one little bit, and when he pulled back, leaving Jake a panting mess leaning on the wall, Jake said it again. "Bastard!"


With a smile Tor nodded and stood up. "Come here," he coaxed, dragging Jake in front of the mirror.


"This is so stupid," Jake grumbled.


"Just look," Tor insisted, sounding both exasperated and amused.


Jake looked in the mirror and pulled at face at Tor, who was peering over Jake's shoulder. "Stupid."


Tor smacked him and then kissed his shoulder. "Look. Just watch." He started scattering kisses over Jake's shoulders and back, one hand teasing across Jake's chest and the other sliding over one of Jake's thighs, sweeping up to gather Jake's balls. "See?"


Jake rolled his eyes and watched, feeling more than a little foolish. "I see," he said, not really getting it. It was just weird, watching Tor touch and pet him.


"No, you don't." Tor kissed him again and started stroking Jake's cock. "Lean forward and brace your arms."


Jake sighed and leaned forward a bit, his gaze alternating between his own face and then his dick in Tor's hand. It was easier to watch his cock than it was his own eyes. The sunlight reflected and refracted off the ring piercing the head of his dick and he was suddenly mesmerized. Sometimes he even forgot it was there, it was just another part of him unless he thought about it, but right then it was the focus of his attention. The gold shifted and moved with Tor's hand, flashing and winking away again as Tor's fist traveled up and down his erection.


"Now do you see?" Tor whispered, the kisses moving down Jake's spine. "You look… amazing."


Jake's breath caught and he spread his legs a little, captivated.


Tor laughed softly, working his way down Jake's back. "That's it. Watch."


Jake nodded and flicked his gaze over his reflection. There was color flushing his skin from his chest up and down, heat spreading. His eyes were heavy lidded, his lips pursed as he breathed rapidly. "Tor," he said, suddenly feeling alone.


"Right here." He was, on his knees behind Jake and kissing Jake's tailbone. Jake could see him, crouched down on the floor with his erection stiff and angled, heavy between his bent legs.


"Please," Jake said softly. "Come back." He wanted Tor's heat behind him, wanted so much to feel Tor right there, covering him. This was too distant, too open and exposed.


Tor made a soft noise and kissed him again before rolling to the side away from him. Jake shook his head and started to push away from the mirror, his heart racing unpleasantly and his belly starting to cramp, but Tor waved him back with a sharp gesture. "Just hang on—there." He pulled the lube out of the box on the trunk and came back, plastering himself against Jake's back before Jake could do more than growl. "Okay?"


Jake nodded, not wanting to talk. Not able to say what he'd felt, there all alone, watching nothing but himself. It wasn't often that he felt intensely needy, but he had it right then. He was sure he hated it, loathed the weakness even as he welcomed the strength Tor gave him.


"Watch," Tor whispered again, slick fingers pushing into Jake, his other hand once more on Jake's flagging erection. "See?"


When what they were playing at had changed from a silly idea of Tor's into something dangerous for him, Jake had felt it. He was aware, he just didn't know what to do with it, how to make it stop, or even if he wanted it to. He was swept away by what he saw, what he felt and before he could get himself steady in the saddle again, he felt everything shift once more, transforming. He wasn't sure what the latest change was, or what it meant, but behind him Tor stilled. His hands slowed and the kisses stopped, and Jake tried to meet Tor's gaze in the mirror. It took a moment before Tor would meet his eyes, but when he did it made Jake's breath catch.


"You have no idea, do you?" Tor asked, his voice husky. "What do you see?"


Jake looked again and his cock swelled in Tor's hand. "Me. You."


Tor shook his head, the fingers in Jake's ass suddenly fierce and needy, showing what Tor wanted with a sudden desperation. "You're… God, Jake. Look at you."


"No prize," Jake said immediately, reflexively. "Middle aged cowboy—"


"You're beautiful," Tor whispered, his eyes full of awe. "And you've never seen what I see."


Jake stared at Tor, at himself, and arched his back. He needed a connection, a specific connection that only Tor could give him. It was becoming too much, seeing this, like touching fire, like swimming in the middle of the ocean.


Tor tasted like the ocean, he suddenly thought for no reason at all. He'd never even been to the ocean, not one of them, and had no idea what it was really like. But that's what Tor tasted of, water that was wild and salty and all-consuming.


And Tor was looking at him like he was God.


"I'm going to come," Jake said, suddenly sure of it.


"Wait for me." Tor moved, his finger leaving Jake empty.




"You can," Tor snapped, grabbing Jake's balls and tugging.


"I can," Jake agreed, suddenly breathless and not quite as ready to come.


With a grunt Tor pushed into him, slowly at first but slamming into him by the end of the first stroke.


"Tor!" Jake yelled, his fingers scraping on the door.


"Not yet!"


Jake swore and pushed back, not sure if he could hold it, and knowing that even if he did it wouldn't be for long. He closed his eyes and rode Tor's cock and panted out a prayer.


"Open your eyes," Tor demanded. "See what you—"


A hand wrapped around Jake's cock and pulled and his eyes flew open. He stared into gray eyes, narrowed now as he started to fall, saw his jaw clench, and he knew he'd never forget what he looked like when Tor loved him. It was as burned into his memory as the sound of Tor behind him, breathing in his ear and then crying out.


Jake looked down, his legs shaking, and watched the mirror streak with white. "Beautiful," he whispered.


"Now you know," Tor agreed, holding them both up.


"Now I know."

Sometimes love is complicated. 

Copyright 2016 Chris Owen