Chris Owen

Secrets Given

26 pages / 12000 words



Kris hates the world of high fashion photography. Hates it enough that he doesn't care that his career there is ending. When his last photo session for a jewelry company ends with a pair of shiny red pants, a young man he can't get out of his mind, and a picture he'll never forget, Kris knows it's time to make a new start in his life.


Lane's not a model. He's just a guy who looked good in the shiny vinyl pants, but he can't forget Kris, either. When they get a chance to see each other again, Lane is determined that he won't turn Kris down this time. In fact, Lane is determined to help Kris start over again, and learn all of Kris' secrets. Can they figure out how to share their lives?

Kris' bad mood sank to a new low each time his assistant opened her mouth to speak.

"Tell me again why we're doing this shoot?" Lola was sitting in the passenger seat of the van, one boot up on the dash. She was sulking. "It's not like I don't appreciate overtime but, God. It's fucking midnight. I hate lighting night shoots."

"You won't have to light." Kris didn't bother suppressing his sigh as he pulled into the parking lot behind a derelict-looking Stop&Shop. There were several vans already there and a trailer as well where the model's hair and make up would be done. Hopefully all three of those things -- hair, make up and lighting -- were already done and everyone involved was standing around waiting for Kris to arrive and work his magic.

Lola didn't seem to share that hope. The springs creaked in protest as she turned on the seat and glared at him. "If I'm not lighting, what the hell am I doing out of bed, then? And who's doing the lights? And, while we're on the subject, why are we doing this shoot? I mean, seriously. This sucks."

Kris parked as close to the trailer as he could and turned off the van's engine. "I don't know who's doing the lights, I don't care. You're here because you're my assistant and you're going to keep my cameras ready for me. We're here because I owe Ahnny and because you owe me. Or did you already forget about the disaster that was last week? You're lucky I didn't fire your ass, Lo, so shut up and do your job."

She looked stunned for a moment then snapped, "You can't talk to me like that."

"And what the hell makes you think you can talk to me like you were?" He put his hands on the steering wheel and looked at her, giving her back the glare. "Do you honestly think I want to be here? That I take great joy in dragging you out with me in the middle of the night? Come on. We've been together for three years; what makes you think it's cool to treat me like crap just because you're in a foul mood?"

Her eyes went wider, but the anger and frustration drained away. "Kris. Are you okay?" She wasn't precisely apologetic, but she was backing away from her mood fast.

"I'm fine." He climbed out, looking up as the light he'd parked under made a popping noise and went out. "Great. Remember, we're parked under the crappy light."

"Got it." He could hear Lola's sigh as she got out the other side and slammed her door.

Leaving Lola to open the back of the van, Kris headed to the bank of trailers and then beyond them into a wide alley that was harshly lit by a series of portable light stands. Lola should thank her lucky stars that she didn't have to do the lighting, Kris thought as soon as he saw the set up. He was also happy he didn't have to supply the lights.

"Kris, darling." Ahnny oozed out of the darkness to meet him before he got there. "Thank you for coming to my rescue."

"Drop it." Kris was far too tired to put up with games. "I'm only here so you can never, ever do this to me again. Clear?"

Sometimes love is complicated. 

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