Chris Owen

Current Titles Available

Solo Novels 



The Australia story


Bareback and Natural Disaster

The Jake and Tor stories


Shady Ridge and the Neon Sky 

The rural cops story


Converge and Merge

The Multidimensional stories


Prove It 

The slow and easy love story


An Agreement Among Gentlemen 

The Victorian England story



A fireman, his doctor and their EMT


Cheek to Cheek 

Two more firemen


Acquired Tastes 

The secret society story

Coming in 2017….


Killer Spies



With Jodi Payne 


Deviations: Submission 

Deviations: Domination 

Deviations: Discipline 

Deviations: Bondage 

Safe Words A Deviations Novel 

The BDSM epic. Tobias, Noah, and Phan. And Bradford, and Nicki, and....


Sex, Lies, and Celluloid 

The voyeuristic PI story

With Tory Temple 


By the Numbers 

By the Numbers: Adding It Up 

The Trey and Deuce stories


Never Too Early: The Beginning 

Never Too Early: Finding Their Way 

Never Too Early: Full Circle 

The cowboys and medics stories -

Jake and Tor, Chance and Tucker

Sometimes love is complicated. 

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