Chris Owen

Added Money

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Gideon Smith is a man with a secret. He's a rodeo cowboy competing at the Calgary Stampede and should have his mind on the ride, but instead he's got his mind and his hands all over Nick DeShane. That would be fine if Gideon wasn't in the closet, and wasn't sharing a tiny trailer with his big brother, Justice. Things get complicated fast when Justice narrowly misses interrupting a date and Nick starts putting things together. Find out if Gideon can win the added money or if he's going to lose it all.

"You look nice," Justice said, leaning in. "Smell good, too." He took a long sniff and grinned, his eyes full of speculation. "What's her name?"

"Never you mind," Gideon said, trying to push past his brother. The last thing he wanted was an interrogation; lies always made him feel guilty and he just wanted to have a good time without stress and worry. "I'm going to be late, Jus."

Justice relented a little, backing away. "At least tell me what she looks like and what's got you spinning so bad. You look like you've gone to a fair amount of trouble. New jeans?"

"Just clean." Gideon reached for his hat and weighed how much to say against the trouble of not saying anything at all. "Tall," he offered. "Short dark curls, and an amazing ass."

"And you met her when, exactly? We've been in town less than two days and you have an actual real live date?" Justice grinned at him. "This wouldn't be an imaginary friend would it?"

Gideon snorted. "You were the one with imaginary friends."

"So? Where did you meet her?"

He knew he was stuck until he gave up some answers; Justice was like a dog with a bone about things he thought he had every right to know. "Montana," Gideon said finally. "We met in Montana. And again in Utah, then in Montana again."

Justice raised an eyebrow. "She follows the circuit?"

Gideon nodded and moved to the door again. "I'm going to be late, Jus."

Justice stepped back and grabbed Gideon's hat off its hook. "Hey," he said seriously as he set it on Gideon's head. "I need you in good shape tomorrow, little brother. Might be nice to win one this time."

There wasn't much chance of winning, but a decent showing would be welcome. "I'll be ready in the morning," he said, as seriously as Justice. "Promise."

Justice pulled the door open and swept his arm toward the opening. "Don't let me keep you, then. And don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Gideon rolled his eyes. He was pretty sure Justice would never even dream about what he was hoping to do to that amazing ass he'd been thinking about all day. "Right," he said, stepping out. "I'll keep that in mind."

Sometimes love is complicated. 

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